Corporate Events

Golden Gate Music provides what every corporate event designer needs in an outside vendor: prompt communication, clear organization, total flexibility, and the highest quality product at a fair and reasonable price. The result is a stress-free process, from the planning phase to the day of the event. At Golden Gate Music, we specialize in unique and creative event production, and individually design music to provide the perfect enhancement. Because we don’t rely upon pre-programmed iPads, we offer total flexibility. We even take requests from a huge selection of songs, a unique Golden Gate Music feature, that surprises and delights guests. We come to each performance with hundreds of perfectly-catalogued songs that can be accessed in seconds. Whether a period costume design, a futuristic setting, or anything that you and your clients can envision, Golden Gate Music is up for the task. We partner with in-house staff, venue representatives, and other vendors to guarantee a seamless experience.