Pleasing fans while supporting music education in the schools

The Golden Gate String Quartet had the rare opportunity to benefit music education in the public schools, and entertain both an enthusiastic audience and KDRT 95.7 FM listeners, at a live broadcast from the 2016 Davis Music Festival. We even took requests! A highlight of the performance was a premiere of our exclusive arrangement of Radiohead’s new runaway hit, Burn The Witch. We concluded with The Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, encouraging everyone to join in.

Music education is crucial for young people in developing both creative and analytical skills. Sadly, public funding has been steadily on the decline in California. The Davis Music Festival was created to raise money for this great cause. We at Golden Gate Music were thrilled to do our part.

Golden Gate String Quartet returns to Davis Music Fest

So many couples are opting for rustic “barn weddings” these days. The demand is so great that venues are springing up all over the usual locations. Often these are modern re-creations, and somehow the feel is less than authentic. Instead of sticking with known regions like the Napa and Sonoma Wine Country and the Carmel Valley, consider looking outside the box.

This weekend, the quartet performed for a delightful rustic wedding at The Inn at Park Winters. Set in the lush farmland of Yolo County, the site features a stunningly restored great house, glorious gardens, and more. The distance from the San Francisco Bay Area isn’t far either. In fact, the quartet’s commute was faster than for many performances in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, and certainly far shorter than Carmel.

The Inn at Park Winters
The Inn at Park Winters

Golden Gate Music joins “Shanti”.

Best Shanti Photo

Oh April 30th, Golden Gate Music was honored to present an orchestra to perform with hundreds of Indian and Western singers, dancers, and soloists, in the West Coast premiere of “Shanti, a Journey of Peace”. This 90-minute spectacular is the vision of Cincinnati composer and scholar, Dr. Kanniks  Kanniksewaran. This journey through man’s existence through time and space, presents the fundamental message of universal peace, and its importance to all of mankind. Bravo to all who made this performance a rousing success.


The 18th Century never rocked this hard.

Nike for Web

The Golden Gate String Quartet certainly enjoys many adventures together! We had our own costume, makeup, and wig mistress for a recent performance at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Notice the cool shoes. I think you can figure out who are clients were.

Hello world!

Golden Gate Music is excited at the launch of our new website and blog. Follow us for performance schedules, new developments, and more.

Couples and other Clients:  In coming posts, we’ll offer vendor recommendations, venue reviews, and helpful tips to guarantee a perfect event. After designing music for well over 2,000 events over more than a quarter of a century, we can offer the advice that comes from experience in all types of events.